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How do you operate an external monitor in Dual Display Mode on the Panel PC IL 77?

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Operation with an external monitor only is already described in the manual for the

in chapter 10 "Maintenance and servicing", so this entry will only deal with the Dual Display Mode. Please proceed as follows to activate the Dual Display Mode:

No. Procedure
1 First, connect the external display to the VGA port of the IPC 577 / IL 77.
2 Now switch on the Panel PC 577 / IL 77.
3 There is nothing to be seen on the Panel PC 577 / IL 77 during the boot procedure, only on the external display.
4 Once Windows has started the external display switches itself off and the internal display on the Panel PC 577 / IL 77 is activated, because the graphics driver in Windows takes over control of the display.

The table below describes how to proceed to activate the Dual Display mode in the Control Panel. Administrator rights are required for the procedure described.

No. Procedure
1 In the Windows operating system you open the "Display Properties" dialog via "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display".
2 Notes on the Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems:

You also get to the "Control Panel" menu

  • via "Start > Control Panel"
    (in the Start menu for simplified access to the programs in Windows XP).
  • via "Start > Settings > Control Panel"
    (for the classic Start menu as in earlier versions of Windows, e.g. Windows 2000).

In the Control Panel menu in Windows XP there are two different views, the Classic View and the Category View. If you select Category View, you have two options for opening the "View Properties":

  1. First switch to the Classic View and there open the dialog "View Properties":
    "Switch to Classic View > View"
  2. In the Category View open the dialog "View Properties":
    "Appearance and Themes > View".

Fig. 01
3 Now in the "Display Properties" dialog you select the "Settings" tab and then click on "Advanced" button.
4 Now a new window opens with more setting options for the display. Select the "Intel® Extreme Graphics 2" tab.
5 To view the settings of the graphics driver click on the "Graphics Properties" button. Here you are presented with three different options (see Fig. 02).
  • Monitor (external display)
  • Notebook (internal display)
  • Intel(R) Dual Display Clone (Dual Display mode)

Fig. 02
6 In order to activate both displays you must select the Dual Mode.
7 Acknowledge with "OK" and both displays will be activated.

The Dual Display Mode has the following restrictions:

  • If an external display is connected, there is no image to be seen on the internal display of the Panel PC 577 / IL 77 during the boot procedure.
  • The external display must be activated in Windows if:
     - it is connected for the first time
     - it was connected only after the boot procedure.
  • The maximum resolution is limited by the display to the lowest performance level.
  • With Dual Display Mode the maximum refresh rate is limited to 60Hz due to the internal TFT display. If a CRT monitor is used as the external display device, under certain circumstances the image might flicker.

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