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Why is the disk drive no longer found when you install additional NT drivers?

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When reinstalling Windows NT, for some device components you must load additional drivers from the floppy disk even during installation. Such device components include

  • IDE hard disk RAID controller
  • SCSI controller 29160

To load the drivers you must press the "F6" key when the following message is displayed: "Setup is checking the hardware configuration of the computer". Windows Setup then requests you to insert the driver floppy disk. Then you can choose the relevant driver and continue with the installation procedure until the driver floppy disk is requested again. This is when the system behavior occurs in which the floppy disk is no longer recognized and the Setup procedure has to be aborted.

The is a system property of the Windows NT 4.0 operating system in combination with the Intel chip sets of the type 810e, 815 or 830. This system behavior has been cleared in Service Pack 4 of Windows NT 4.0. The installation routine of Windows NT always begins with Service Pack 1 and then installs the higher service packs during the course of Setup. Thus the additional drivers cannot be loaded from the floppy disk. Further requirements for this system property are a memory expansion of at least 256 Mbytes or a turned on memory hole.

The system behavior can be circumvented by decreasing the memory expansion of the PC temporarily to 128 Mbytes. The memory hole (Setup, Menu Advanced) may not be activated. In this state, Windows NT can be installed. After successful installation you can reinsert the desired memory.
Another option is to install Windows NT from a network drive on which the drivers for the required components (SCSI controller, RAID controller) are stored.

If the Windows NT operating system for a hardware configuration including a RAID controller is used on a computer, then at least version V4.0 SP4 should be used.

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