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3RT1/3RT2 contactors - Statement on power losses

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This entry contains information on power losses with 3RT1/3RT2 contactors


How can the power loss of the 3RT1 and 3RT2 contactors  be computed for the heat calculation in the switchgear?



The power losses of the 3RT1 and 3RT2 contactors comprise the power loss from the contactor drive plus the power loss of the main circuits.

-   For DC-operated contactors = holding power in W
-   For AC-operated contactors = holding power in VA x cos phi

Example for contactor 3RT2015-1BB41
Drive (holding power): Pv = 4.0 W

Main circuit: Pv = 0.4 W for one circuit, makes 3 x 0.4 W = 1.2 W for 3 loaded circuits
Total power loss =  Power loss of drive + power loss of loaded  circuits
Total power loss =  4 W + 1.2 W = 5.2 W

You can find power loss data (contactor drive plus main circuits) in the product data sheet (available from the Industry Mall 
or SIOS ).

They are also included in the free SIMARIS therm tool.
SIMARIS therm enables easy calculation of power losses for designing industrial control panels.

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