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Protective door monitoring with automatic start up to SIL 1 acc. to IEC 62061 and PL c acc. to ISO 13849-1 with ET 200S Safety Motorstarter Solution Local (CD-FE-I-027-V30-EN)

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This Safety Functional Example describes a mechanically isolating protective mechanism in the form of a protective door. The most frequently used solution for plants and machines to secure hazardous areas is mechanically isolating protective equipment or access hatches. In this case, the function is to monitor unauthorized entry into plant and system areas as well as to prevent potentially hazardous machine functions if the protective equipment - in this case protective door - is not closed.

The protective door is monitored by a SIRIUS position switch with positivelyopening contacts using a PM-D-F2 safety module. This setup is applicable up to SIL 1 according to IEC 62061 and PL c according to ISO 13849-1.
When this protective door is opened, the PM-D-F2 safety module shuts down the motor starter assigned to it according to Stop Category 0 acc. to EN 60204-1. In this particular example, a drive is stopped. If the protective door is closed, after the position switch is checked, the motor automatically starts.
This example only discusses the safety function. The motor starter is operationally switched using a standard PLC and is not considered any further here.



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