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Distance and Level Measurement in Industrial Applications (Set 3)

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You would like to monitor the filling level of a storage tank which is to be filled automatically. This application demonstrates by the following example how you can configure an automatic filling level monitoring based on LOGO!.

When falling short of the minimal filling level (switching on limit) of the storage tank it shall be filled. When exceeding the maximal filling level (switching off limit) the filling cycle shall be stopped automatically.

The LOGO! base module is used as a controller for the automation solution.
An ultrasonic sensor is used for filling level monitoring and it is connected to an analog input at the LOGO! logic module.

The voltage signal of the ultrasonic sensor is evaluated in the LOGO! control program in order to regulate the filling level.

The switching on and off limits are displayed as a numerical percentage value on the LOGO! display.
The current filling level is additionally represented as a bar chart diagram.

The switching on and off limits can be configured via the LOGO! display.
The modes and the filling cycle can be operated via LOGO! cursor keys.

The automation solution complies the following requirements of operation:

  • Easy changing of filling level limits

  • Displaying the filling level on the LOGO! display

  • Manually switching on and off  the filling cycle

  • Automatically switching on and off  the filling cycle

  • Diagnosis messages if  filling cycle fails

The present application offers the following advantages:

  • Reducing production downtimes by an automatic control

  • Cost efficient, simple and expandable filling level monitoring with LOGO!

  • Changing parameters via integrated LOGO! display

  • Changing switching on and off limits without touching the sensor configuration

  • Displaying of diagnosis and device status via integrated LOGO! display

  • Displaying of numerical values and / or bar graphs

  • Manual control via LOGO! cursor keys

The present application offers the following benefits:

  • Savings in time planning your configuration because the project is already done

  • Planning security by a configuration which has been successfully tested

  • Avoiding mistakes due to tested code and step-by-step instructions

  • You have the option to configure more switching thresholds e.g. for generating further alarms

  • You can use idle digital outputs of LOGO! e.g. for controlling signal lamps

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