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Micro Automation: Distributed contorl with AS-Interface networks in industrial applications (MAS 16)

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Automation task:
In a factory, automation tasks such as controlling of conveyors, pumps or various machines is to be performed autark. Additional starting and stopping of individual stations is to be possible via a central station. A failure and message system is to be installed for the individual stations and for the central station. Simple expendability of the automation plant is assumed.

Automation solution:  
The automation solution consists of a central S7-200 station and LOGO! logic modules as autark stations. The components are networked via AS-Interface. The distributed intelligence with LOGO! logic modules enables solving the individual automation tasks autark. Networking the stations with the S7-200 Control Center via AS-Interface enables controlling (Starting/Stopping) the autark stations without having to implement the user program centrally. Furthermore, failures and messages are transmitted via the AS-Interface, and are displayed at the respective autark stations of the S7-200 Control Center. The AS-Interface bus can be easily expanded by further stations/components.

Startup Code
For the startup we offer you software examples with test code and test parameters as download. The software examples support you during the first steps and tests with your Micro Automation Sets. They enable quick testing of hardware and software interfaces between the products described in the Micro Automation Sets.


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Micro Application Example
Set16_DocTech_v1d1_en.pdf ( 1049 KB )
Startup Code (LOGO!Soft Comfort project) Set16_LOGO_V1d1_en.zip ( 27 KB )
Startup Code (STEP 7-Micro/WIN project) Set16_S7-200_V1d1_en.zip ( 5 KB )


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LOGO! manual
S7-200 system manual
System manual





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