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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 21713810, Entry date: 06/22/2005

810D/840D: Release for general availability, ShopMill SW release 6.4 (V06.04.04)

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The software ShopMill SW6.4 (V06.04.04) for SINUMERIK 810D/840D has been released for general availability.

The basic scope of the software is already available in 6 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Simplified-Chinese) and includes some essential expanded functionality.

Components that have been released:


Order No.

ShopMill Version

ShopMill software (6 languages)
    SW release 6.4, single license, on CD-ROM
    SW release 6.4, update, on CD-ROM

The CD-ROM includes:

      ShopMill SW releases:
          SW6.3 (V06.03.23); 6 languages

          SW6.4 (V06.04.04); 6 languages; with:
                ShopMill for PCU20
                ShopMill for PCU50/70
                Tools, ShopMill cycles
                PLC toolbox






Already released for general availability from the factory.


Orders entered with "Actual SW release" 6FC5463-0FA20-0AG0 will be substituted for SW release 6.4.

New functions:

Technological expanded functions with the focus on the following:


Sampling functions for mould construction and 5-axis applications


Manual swiveling cycle for 5-axis applications


Expansion of the working step programming
(engraving variable texts, position pattern “oblique mesh”, suppressing/skipping individual position patterns, path milling forwards/backwards, face milling with limits, chamfering, entering fit dimension, geometry computer with polar coordinates)


Expanded operator control functions
(oversave, display workpiece counter, changeover tool in the magazine)


Simulation with Start/Stop/Single block/Reset and velocity override


Fast view of mould building programs (for PCU 50)

Compatibilities and general information:

ShopMill SW6.4 V06.04.04 has been released for:

NC hardware:


With SW release


CCU3 / CCU3.4

NCU-SW 6.5
(from V06.05.24)

Only innovated CCU3
(Order No. [MLFB] 6FC5410-0AY03-0AA1)

NCU *.4 / *.5

CCU-SW 6.5
(from V06.05.24)

NCU *.4: NCU 571.4 / 572.4 / 573.4
NCU *.5: NCU 571.5 / 572.5 / 573.5

PCU hardware:


With SW release


PCU 20

HMI-Emb. 6.5 (V06.05.53) 1)

Only PCU 20 with 32 MB DRAM
(Order No. [MLFB] 6FC5210-0DF00-0AA1 and 6FC5210-0DF00-1AA1)
1) Is a part of the ShopMill software

PCU 50/70

HMI-Adv. 6.4
(from V06.04.20 onwards)

Prerequisite, PCU 50/70 with Windows XP

PCU 50/70 and TCU

PCU-Base XP 7.4 and TCU-Base 7.4

Prerequisite, PCU 50/70 with 1.2 GHz and Windows XP

Operator panels:

OP 010, OP 010S, OP 010C, OP 012, OP 015


General information and instructions:


Only the installation version "Open" is released for ShopMill on PCU 50/70. The installation version "Classic" is no longer available.


ShopMill has not been released for use on machines with semi-automatic swiveling axes – i.e. manual axes that are positioned to the calculated angle using an appropriate mechanical assembly.


Language extensions have been released for ShopMill (refer to ProdIS 21327804).

For more detailed information, please contact your local Siemens office.

Security information
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