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Operating ET200M as slave on master station CPU315-2DP

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How can I link a slave station of the ET200M type to a master station CPU315-2DP?

There are 2 steps to configuring an ET200M slave station:
In the first step you link the station and parameterize it.

In the second step you configure the slave by selecting and parameterizing the modules that are to be processed in the slave.

Step 1: Link slave to master station
After configuring the master station you will find three interface modules of the type IM 153-1 under +PROFIBUS-DP > ET200M in the "H/W CATALOG”. Select the interface module you require and pull it onto your DP master's slave phase.

As a result the dialog box "Properties-PROFIBUS users” opens with General and Network Connection tabs.
In the Network Connection tab you set the required L2 user address for the slave (options between 1 and 125), and under the PROPERTIES you can set the parameters of the PROFIBUS network (baud rate, highest PROFIBUS address in the network).
In the General tab you read the data and change the name of the station.
Acknowledge with "OK” and the dialog box "Properties-DP slave” opens. In this you enter the diagnostics address under which you can process the slave data in the master station.
When you have entered the data and transferred with "OK”, then the slave station is output with the current L2 user address (x) in the tool "H/W CONFIG”.

Step 2: Configure slave
In "H/W CATALOG” you select the required module under the previously selected master interface module (IM153-1) and place it on the required slot (4 to 11) of the ET200M. Finally you parameterize the address and operating parameters of the single module.

The following limits must be observed when configuring the ET200M slave:

  • Maximum of 8 modules in 1 station
  • Address area is limited to a maximum of 122 input bytes and 122 output bytes.
  • Maximum of 7 analog cards with 8 channels is possible, since 7 * 8 *2 bytes =112 bytes (each channel requires 2 bytes).


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