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What connections are there between the version designations in WinCC flexible?

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Through the introduction of different new operator panels and configuration software, only specific versions of the software can be used to configure the operator panels.
Configuration of the operator panels also depends on the edition of the Engineering Software. For example, the MP377 can be configured as from WinCC flexible 2008 and only with the Standard or Advanced edition of WinCC flexible.

Fig. 01

Configuration Notes
When creating a project or changing the type of operator panel in WinCC flexible 2005 and higher, you can specify the default (current) version of the operator panel (specify the version of the operator panel).
By way of example, Fig. 02 shows an MP370 Touch version selected for WinCC flexible 2005.

Fig. 02

Attachment 1 lists the associated versions for WinCC flexible.
The table is designed to help you identify the versions used and thus avoid version conflicts.

Attachment 1: WinCC_flexible_Version.xls ( 329 KB )  

The following notes also apply for older versions of WinCC flexible.

  1. Generator, Runtime and Simulation in WinCC flexible 2008 can only be started if the new operator panel versions are set for WinCC flexible 2008.
  2. Please refer to the relevant manual for how to read out the version of your operator panel.
  3. If you use WinCC flexible 2008 to open an older project that was last saved in WinCC flexible 2007, the operator panel version is automatically changed to the current version. Information on an update of the operator panel or a PC station is available in Entry ID: 19701610.

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