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Which external storage media can you use with the current SIMATIC panels and which memory card interfaces do they have?

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Interface-compatible operator panels and storage media.

1) List of the available HMI storage media

  • SIMATIC HMI MM memory card: Multi Media Card
  • SIMATIC HMI SD memory card: Secure Digital Memory Card
  • SIMATIC HMI SD memory card: Secure Digital Memory System card
  • SIMATIC HMI CF memory card: Compact Flash Card
  • PC memory card: Personal Computer Memory Card
  • PC memory card (combination of PC Card Adapter and Compact Flash Card)
  • Memory module for Push Button Panel
  • SIMATIC IPC USB Flash Drive (USB stick)
  • SIMATIC HMI USB memory stick (USB stick)

Fig. 01

The external storage media SD Card and USB Stick have to be formatted in FAT32 (not NTFS or any other format). The Siemens storage media are formatted in FAT32 in the as-delivered status. The maximum size of FAT32-formatted storage media is limited to 32 GB in a Windows operating system.

2) Interface Compatibility

This chapter shows selected paths via which you can rapidly find the essential information for clearing the following problems:

  • Find operator panels which have an interface for a special storage medium.
  • Find storage media which are compatible with the interfaces of a special operator panel.

2.1) Interface-compatible Operator Panels for a Special Storage Medium

Via the Siemens Industry Mall:

  • "Automation Technology > SIMATIC HMI Operation and Monitoring Systems > SIMATIC HMI Accessories > Storage Media" > Top Tab "Product Information" > "Technical Data" table > Table row "Miscellaneous" in the column of the required storage medium"

2.2) Interface-compatible Storage Media for a Special Operator Panel

Via the Product Support:

  • Select the entry type "Technical Data".
  • In the product tree you select: "Automation Technology > Operation and Monitoring Systems > Operator Panels > [Type of the operator panel]".
  • Click the required product.
  • Read the data in the "Technical Data" table in the table row "Interfaces".
  • Read the data in the "Technical Data" table in the table row "IO/Options".

2.3) Alternative Paths

The extended list of paths which take you to the required information is to be found in the associated PDF file. In addition to the paths shown here it includes alternative paths with additional information.

3) Information

  • The number of possible read/write cycles is usually higher with the SIMATIC HMI SD memory card than with the SIMATIC HMI USB stick.
  • The function and compatibility is guaranteed for memory cards and USB sticks tested and released by Siemens.
  • Multimedia memory cards can also be used on operator panels with SD slot. Detailed information about usability is available in the technical data of the storage media and panels.
  • The storage capacity of the memory cards and USB sticks might change with new products from the chip manufacturers.
  • The technical data of the storage media, like write cycles, is available at the following link.
    Storage media - Technical Data
  • Do not use SIMATIC S7 Memory Cards for S7 controllers together with operator panels. This renders these memory cards useless. 

4) Further Information

  • The topic of "Archiving of Process Values and Messages with WinCC (TIA Portal)" is dealt with in detail in the application example in Entry ID:109746939.
  • SITRAIN course: The topic of archiving is also addressed in the WinCC (TIA Portal) Beginner Course.
    De: SIMATIC WinCC maschinennah im TIA Portal (TIA-WCCM)
    En: SIMATIC WinCC on the machine level in the TIA Portal (TIA-WCCM)
  • How do you backup/restore with a Comfort Panel? 
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  • How do you use a script to determine whether a storage drive with removable media (USB stick, SD/MM card) is ready for writing on an HMI device?
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  • Product determination for discontinuation with list of successors and areas of application: "Discontinuation SIMATIC IPC USB Flash Drive, 8 GB, 6ES7648-0DC50-0AA0"
    Entry ID: 107732671
    • Includes an overview of the article numbers of the two successors, their exact designations and the area of application of each (operator panels).
  • Product news: "New SIMATIC IPC USB Flash Drive and SIMATIC IPC Service USB Flash Drive available as version with USB 3.0 and 16GB for SIMATIC IPC and Comfort Panels"
    Entry ID : 85060091
Note on cyclic/fast archiving cycles
Cyclic archiving, in particular with fast archiving cycles, puts a great load on a storage medium and might have a significant negative effect on its service life.
Recommendation: Save the archives first on a SIMATIC HMI SD card and then export the archives to a network drive.
See also the manual "SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels > Commissioning the device > Overview > Storage Concept"

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