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Which settings have to be made on the PC 677 in Windows XP Professional to activate the driver for the CP5611?

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Configuration Notes:
When using a new version of the communications block for the PC 677, interaction between the driver integrated in ProTool/Pro and the PC 677 hardware is no longer possible.
You must proceed as follows in order to restore the functionality.

Below, taking the Windows XP Professional operating system, we will show which settings have to be made on the PC 677 in each case to activate the driver for the CP5611.

If, after installation, the CP5611 has already been activated by one of the following SIMATIC software products (STEP 7, SIMATIC NET or WinCC flexible), then there is no need to activate the driver for the CP5611 in addition after installing ProTool Runtime.

Settings in Windows XP Professional:

No. Windows XP Professional

Runtime Installation:

First install the ProTool Runtime on your PC.

Fig. 01

Installing interfaces:

During installation a menu opens, in which you can install various interfaces.
In this case, it is initially not possible to select CP5611.
If necessary, please first install the PC/Adapter, for example, and then close the menu with the "Close" button.

Fig. 02

Continue installing the ProTool Runtime accordingly.

3 Setting the folder options:

Once the installation has been completed, you then open the Windows Explorer.
Have the folder options displayed via "Tools > Folder Options... > View".
In the "Advanced settings:" field you select the folder
"Hidden files and folders" and then the option "Show hidden files and folders".

Fig. 03
4 Storage location of the "S7opciax.inf" file:

The "S7opciax.inf" file is located in the Explorer directory "C:\WINDOWS\inf" or you use the Explorer search function to search for the "S7opciax.inf" file.
In the search options you also select the option "Search hidden files and folders".

Fig. 04

Storage path of the "S7opciax.inf" file:

Fig. 05
5 Editing the "S7opciax.inf" file:

Open the "S7opciax.inf" file with a double-click and go to the following entry:
%DeviceDesc%=S7opciax_DDI, PCI\VEN_110A&DEV_3141&SUBSYS_000110b5&REV_01 "

In this line change the following entry as follows:
...........REV_01 => REV_02

Fig. 06


Then save the changes and close the file again.

6 Activating hardware / driver:

Open the "Add Hardware Wizard" via "Start > Settings > Control Panel".

Fig. 07

Now follow the instructions given by the Add Hardware Wizard:

Fig. 08

Fig. 09

Fig. 10

Fig. 11

Fig. 12

Fig. 13

Activating the driver for the CP5611 is now completed.

7 PG/PC interface:

The CP5611 is now available in the PG/PC interface and you can parameterize it accordingly.

Fig. 14


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