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Determination of the PN response time for typical configurations in the PROFINET IO

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Many applications require a fast response time via centralized or distributed I/O. For fast and efficient data exchange between distributed I/O and S7 stations, mainly PROFINET IO is used in current systems. With measured performance data on the IO communication you get secure statements here.

Typical PROFINET IO configurations consist of one IO controller with several IO devices that are wired or connected via IWLAN with the IO controller. On the PROFINET string there can be additional loads, such as, for example, programming devices (PGs), operator panels (panels) or also additional S7 stations as data receiving station.

One of the most important questions arising when designing such configurations is the question regarding the terminal-terminal response time to be expected.

  • How long does it take until a distributed output responds to a distributed input when program processing takes place in different process levels of the IO controller.
    • via the cyclic process image in OB1
    • via a hardware interrupt (OB40)
    • via a clock-synchronized interrupt (OB61)
    • via a cyclic interrupt (OB30)
  • What fluctuations can occur?
  • What impact do IWLAN routes have?
  • To what extent does communication via PROFINET IO have an influence on the cycle time of the IO controller?
  • What update/operating time is to be expected for the parallel operation of a panel on the controller?
  • What influence does a parallel cross-communication via various protocols (S7 communication, TCP/IP communication) have on the response time on the PN IO line?
  • What influence does a "watch tag" have on a PG?

The following screen shows the schematic layout of the measurement on a variant:

In order to answer the above questions, extensive measurements have been carried out on typical configurations with SIMATIC components, which provide you with planning certainty for your plants:

The results of the measurements are provided by a simple, interactive user interface as web application, with which you can quickly and easily enter your desired configuration and view the measurements of the selected configurations in the performance data table. In addition, the data can be exported in Excel format.

Typicalconfigurations were measured. This does not mean that every possible configuration has been measured.

Access to the performance data
By clicking on the respective version, you get to the web interface of the appropriate performance data.

VersionMeasuring timemeasured componentsHelp file for measurementLink for measurement
V 904/2015 – 01/2016(38.2 KB)(1.1 MB)PN_ReaV9
V 8.1July 2012(50.6 KB)PN_ReaV8
V 709/2009 – 01/2010(110.7 KB)PN_ReaV7
V 607 - 10/2008(52.3 KB)PN_ReaV6
V 406 - 08/2007(42.6 KB)PN_ReaV4
V 309 - 10/2006(42.9 KB)PN_ReaV3
V 204 - 06/2006(41.2 KB)PN_ReaV2

Last Changes
Version 9: S7-1200/1500/PROFINET-driver/software controller, measurements for centralized IO

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