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PC-based Automation with WinAC

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This multi-media demonstration system gives you a concise overview of PC-based automation. We will introduce the components to you and show you how to use them for your specific application. The in-depth modules provide you with technical detailed information on programming, configuration and runtime behavior. The example modules ("Control Technology") show you how selected automation tasks can be solved with SIMATIC WinAC. You will get an overview of the automation solution and its technical implementation.

From this page you can download six modules on the topic of Control Technology. A description of the contents can be found in the table below.

The demonstration systems feature the following characteristics:

  • All graphical animations are explained by spoken text which has been recorded by German and English native professional speakers.
  • The sections of the demonstration systems can be reached by means of navigation elements. You may, for example, repeat any section any time.
  • Continuative links and support pages have been integrated.

The following picture shows the home page of the demonstration system. The modules of this page are marked in red. Links to the other modules can be found in the table at the end of this page.


 Downloads (English)

Content of  Downloads


Demonstration system  PC-based Automation, module "Overview"
  • Overview – shows you how to benefit from using PC-based automation
  • Automation tasks – Gives an overview of the different tasks when generating automation solutions.
  • Products and system architecture – shows you the product range offered by Siemens' PC-based automation and explains the system architecture
  • Customer benefit – Shows the advantages for you as a customer when using PC-based automation by Siemens

Duration: 15 Min
Size: 42 MB

Demonstration system  PC-based Automation, module "Installation and Configuration"
  • Installation of SIMATIC WinAC
  • Configuration of your PC station with Advanced PC Configuration

Duration: 15 Min
Size: 18 MB

Demonstration system  PC-based Automation, module "Programming and Execution Model"
  • Generating the S7 program
  • Programming of Windows applications using the Open Development Kit (WinAC ODK)
  • Optimizing the runtime properties
  • Diagnostics

Duration: 15 Min
Size: 34 MB

Demonstration system  PC-based Automation, module "WinAC basics"

Presents the application " Basics for solution of automation tasks on the basis of WinAC RTX"

Duration: 5 Min
Size: 16 MB

Demonstration system  PC-based Automation, module "Connecting databases"

Presents the application "Connection of Databases via open Interfaces Using OPC-XML, Programmed in C# .net"

Duration: 5 Min
Size: 16 MB

Demonstration system  PC-based Automation, module "Vision Sensors with WinAC ODK"

Presents the application "Linking Windows Applications to WinAC RTX with WinAC ODK Using the Example of SIMATIC Vision Sensors"

Duration: 5 Min
Size: 15 MB

Download the exe file to your PC and start it. Alternatively you can start the exe file directly from your browser.




08/2005 First edition


Additional Information  
The demonstration system "PC-based automation with SIMATIC WinAC" consists of eleven graphically animated modules. In addition to the modules above you can download more on the topics of Human Machine Interface, Drive Technology and Communication. The following table contains links to the entries in the "Service & Support" portal.



Human Machine Interface:

Demonstration system "PC-based automation", module "WinAC and WinCC"
Demonstration system "PC-based automation", module "Visualisation with Visual Basic"


Drive Technology:

Demonstration system "PC-based automation", module "Easy Motion Control and WinAC"


Demonstration system "PC-based automation", module "S7 communication with WinAC"
Demonstration system "PC-based automation", module "Sending emails"



The complete demonstration system can also be ordered via internet as demo CD WinAC 11/2004  in German and English language. There is a protection charge of 3.00 €.
In addition to the demonstration system "PC-based Automation with SIMATIC WinAC“ the Demo CD contains a trial version of SIMATIC WinAC.

Order no.: 6ZB5310-0KH50-2FA2

To be ordered at:

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