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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 21897529, Entry date: 05/22/2006

Why can't you simulate the Runtime for an OP73/OP73micro/TP177A/ TP177micro or OP77A in WinCC flexible on a PC?

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In WinCC flexible 2004 / 2005 SP1 you have configured an OP73 / OP73micro / TP177A / TP177micro or OP77A. In the Engineering software the buttons and menu entries "Start Runtime" that are used for starting the Runtime simulation for other operator panels on the PC are grayed out and cannot be executed.

The Runtime simulation of an OP73 / OP73micro / TP177A / TP177micro or OP77A is not provided for in WinCC flexible 2004 nor in WinCC flexible 2005 SP1, so the corresponding selection options are grayed out and cannot be executed.

As of WinCC flexible 2007 it is now also possible to use the Runtime simulation of OP73 / OP73micro / TP177A / TP177micro or OP77A.

In order to be able to simulate the project nevertheless on the PC you can convert the operator panel into a comparable HMI device.

Open the project via "Project > Open" and then select "Project > Change Device Type...". Now select the relevant device type and confirm with "OK".

Operator panels without Runtime simulator


HMI device with Runtime simulator

TP170A or TP177B

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