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How do you back transfer the projects of an operator panel and what should you watch out for?

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In this FAQ we describe how to back transfer projects, which operator panels support this function and what you should pay attention to.

Please follow the instructions in the PDF file (Attachment 1).
The following points are covered in the document.

1. General Information
    1.1 Using back transfer
    1.2 Advantages of back transfer
    1.3 Requirements for back transfer

2. Procedure
    2.1 Project transfer and back transfer

3. Frequently Asked Questions
    3.1 Why is the message "Could not find the pdz file" displayed?
    3.2 How do you determine whether a back-transferred file is on the panel?

Attachment 1: Back_transfer_description_e.pdf ( 491 KB )

Requirements for back transfer
Attachment 2 lists the operator panels and indicates which HMI software is required to transfer projects and which operator panels permit back transfer of the configuration file from the operator panel.

Furthermore it also shows from which operator panels you can do a backup/restore via ProSave and which operator panels permit backup/restore to/from external memory cards.

Attachment 2: Back_transfer_devices_e.pdf ( 60 KB )

A comparable method of saving projects is with Backup/Restore. More information on this topic is available in the following Entry IDs: 28928853, 26588748 and 213262.

Panel, WinCC flexible, Store, 13393218, 5672699

Security information
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