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How can you link WinCC to S7 PLCSIM?

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As from S7-PLCSIM V5.4 (WinCC V6.2) you can select any networked node for setting up a simulation connection.

S7-PLCSIM simulates:

  • The CPU of the node selected
  • All the nodes belong to the CPU
  • The subnet of the node selected

How to parameterize S7-PLCSIM is described in the S7-PLCSIM manual in Entry ID: 36450139.
In WinCC you just have to change the logical device name of your connection to "PLCSIM".

No. Procedure
1 Right-click to open the system parameters of your connection under WinCC Explorer > Tag Management > SIMATIC S7 PROTOCOL SUITE > "Connection" and select the "Unit" tab. There you set "Logical device name" to "PLCSIM". You must then close and then restart WinCC.


Do not forget to reset the logical device name after finishing simulation.

Up to S7-PLCSIM V5.3 you could only use a default connection via MPI at address "2". For that you had to create a new connection in WinCC via MPI.

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