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How is the connection between a Windows-based panel and a SIMATIC S5 set up?

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SIMATIC HMI Windows-based panels do not possess a TTY (20mA) interface which is needed for communication with a SIMATIC S5 PLC.

The MP 370 operator panel possesses a TTY interface. Furthermore, the interface can be switched between V24 and TTY on a panel PC in the BIOS.

For all other Windows-based panels you need an adapter (9-pin female to 25-pin male) and an RS232/TTY converter cable for connecting to a SIMATIC S5.

The AS511 driver is no longer available for some operator panels for connecting to a SIMATIC S5 controller.
The latest information about which devices support the AS511 driver is available in the Online Help of WinCC flexible and ProTool, in the relevant manual of each operator panel, in the communication manual and in the ST80 catalog.
Below is an excerpt from the WinCC flexible Online Help.

Fig. 01


There are two possible options:

Option 1: for a maximum distance of 3.2 meters

Siemens TTY/RS232 converter cable and an adapter (9-pin female to 25-pin male)

Fig. 02


Article/description Order number Supplier
Siemens TTY/RS232 converter cable
PLC 15-pin / PC 25-pin
6ES5 734-1BD20 Siemens AG
Adapter (9-pin female to
25-pin male).
982075-14 Conrad Elektronik www.conrad.de

Option 2: for a maximum distance of 1000 meters
ELV TTY/RS232 converter.

Fig. 03

Article/description Order number Supplier
ELV AT adapter cable Sub-B 9-pin female to Sub-D 25-pin male 68-078-86 ELV
ELV V24-20mA interface converter, ready-made device
Do-it-yourself instructions and description are available for downloading in a PDF file from the supplier.

For connecting the ELV interface converter to the SIMATIC S5 you need an adapter cable (ELV interface converter Sub-D 25-pin male connector to S5 PLC Sub-D 15-pin male connector) wired according to the following pin assignment:

ELV interface converter
25-pin Sub-D male connector

  PLC / IP / CP
15-pin Sub-D male connector
Signal Pin   Pin Signal
+ 20 mA 11

< jumper from 
pin 11 to pin 18

Sender + 18

< jumper from 
pin 18 to pin 11

Sender - 21 < to > 9 TTY IN +
GND 13 < to > 2 TTY IN -
+ 20 mA 12 < to > 6 TTY OUT +
Recipient + 9 < to > 7 TTY OUT -
Recipient - 10 < jumper from 
pin 10 to pin 14
GND 14 < jumper from 
pin 14 to pin 10

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