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How do you convert a "DATE_AND_TIME"-type variable into an "ARRAY OF BYTE" in S7-SCL?

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There is no standard function available for converting "DATE_AND_TIME" into "ARRAY OF BYTE". However, you can use the AT construct for this task. All you need is a special declaration.

arDATIstat  AT dtDATIstat ARRAY[0..7] OF BYTE;

Within the declaration the AT construct creates a view of the variable "arDATIstat" to the variable "dtDATIstat". There is thus no conversion, but two variables of different data types share a common data area.

The current CPU system time is to be read out via the system function SFC1 "READ_CLK" and transferred to a diagnostics repeater via the system function SFC58 "WR_REC". As a result of reading out the time, the system function SFC1 provides a variable of the type "DATE_AND_TIME". The system function SFC58 expects this time as a variable of the type "ARRAY OF BYTE". The attachment "S7_SCL_AT_Funktion_d.zip" contains two S7-SCL sources (sample program with German and English comments).

S7_SCL_AT_Funktion_d.zip ( 1 KB )

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