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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 21980615, Entry date: 09/01/2005

How can I update/upgrade or download SIMATIC NET software for Windows XP SP2?

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You must note the following points for updating/upgrading and downloading:

  • SIMATIC NET older than version V6.3 is not released for Windows XP SP2.
    The release came with the SIMATIC NET version V6.3 (CD PC/Software Edition 2005).
  • Entry ID 21394393 contains more detailed information on the latest version V6.3 of SIMATIC NET. It also lists the latest order numbers.
  • An upgrade of older versions of SIMATIC NET to version V6.3 can be procured under order number 6GK1704-0AA07-3AA0.
  • For reasons of export regulations complete CDs are not available for Internet downloading.
  • After the update/upgrade to version V6.3 you do not need a new license, but can continue to use the license you have already purchased.
  • Information on the HotFix1 for SIMATIC NET Edition 2005 is available in Entry ID: 21835328
    With this HotFix, SOFTNET S7 IE is also released for Windows XP SP2.

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