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SIMATIC Version Cross Checker (VXC) - Update from V6.1 to V6.1 + SP1

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The Cross Checker (VXC) V6.1 + SP1 is suitable for SIMATIC PCS 7 V6.1, CFC V6.1 and STEP 7 V5.3 and higher and can be used for the comparison of programs with CFC/SFC charts. It detects differences between various program versions of a project by:

Comparison of CFC/SFC charts, block types, signals and sequences, for additional, missing or different objects

Graphic representation of the results of the comparison in a combination of tree and table

Colored marking of the different objects and attribute values

The results of the comparison can be printed out or stored as text files.

The attached VXC V6.1 + SP1 software comes in 3 languages (German, English, French) and can be downloaded. You can install this software on your PG or PC to update the existing VXC V6.1 software or for testing and evaluation purposes. If you have no license for the VXC V6.1 software all the functions of VXC V6.1 +SP1 are nevertheless available. However, the working scope is limited as follows:

5 Charts (CFCs, SFCs and SFC types in total) 

5 Block instances/sub-charts per CFC chart

1 Sequencer per SFC chart/SFC type

5 Steps per sequencer (SFC chart/SFC type)

As soon as one of these limits is exceeded in a program, a note will be displayed and the relevant VXC window will be closed or not opened at all. The limitations will be lifted when a VXC V6.1 Floating License, order no. 6ES7658-1CX16-2YB5, has been purchased and installed. You can then make use of the full scope of functions of the VXC V6.1 +SP1 software.

Software prerequisites:

SIMATIC VXC V6.1 is a 32-bit application for MS Windows 2000 Professional and MS Windows XP Professional operating systems. As from SP1, it has also been released for Windows XP Professional incl. Service Pack 2. To use VXC V6.1 + SP1 you also require:

SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.3 and higher and SIMATIC CFC V6.1 and higher


SIMATIC PCS 7 V6.1 and higher


Before the installation please read the Product Information in the readme file!


Save the download file "VXC_setup_V6_1_1.zip" in a directory of your choice and then extract it to another directory of your choice.


From the extracted files select the file "Setup.exe" and start it .


Follow the installation instructions.

Readme file for SIMATIC VXC V6.1 + SP1:

VXC_V61_SP1_Readme.wri ( 10 KB )  

Software SIMATIC VXC V6.1 SP1

 VXC_V61_SP1_Setup.zip ( 3038 KB )

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