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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 22047925, Entry date: 04/19/2006


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The CBP2 (Communication Board PROFIBUS) with Order No. [MLFB]
spare part 6SE7090-0XX84-0FF5
retrofit package 6SX7010-0FJ00
was revised.
NOTE: In this case, the position of the LED was changed. No changes were made from a functional perspective. Even the CBP2 firmware (V2.32) remains compatible.


The CBP2 option module (Communication Board PROFIBUS) is used to connect drives to a higher-level automation system via PROFIBUS. This module has been revised. From a functional perspective, it is compatible with its predecessor. However, as a result of the components used, the position and arrangement of the LEDs had to be changed.

The cover frame for these modified option boards can, when it is necessary to replace them in Compact PLUS units, be explicitly requested using the small component fax.

The associated Instruction Manual with version release AB and the small component FAX of the WKC are provided in the electronic attachment to this PRODIS info.

BA_CBP2_optionsbaugruppe_DE_EN.pdf ( 2828 KB )

WKC_Kleinteilfax.pdf ( 60 KB )

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