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How do you print sub-areas of pictures in landscape format?

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Use the following call to make hard copy prints of sub-areas of a screen in landscape format:

#include "apdefap.h"
void OnClick(char* lpszPictureName, char* lpszObjectName, char* lpszPropertyName)
WinExec("PrtScr.exe -l -C= \"20;10;800;400\"",SW_SHOWNORMAL);


  • Always specify the execution parameters (for example: -l -nomcp) in lowercase lettering!
    If the "-nomcp" parameter is added, the screen area being printed ("-C= 20;10;800;400") is ignored.

    The possible parameters and their functions for a hard copy ("PrtScr.exe") are available in the WinCC Information System under "Output parameters for hard copies".

    For how to use the hard copy function on a web client refer also to the notes in the WinCC Information System under "Using the "Hard copy" function".
  • You must always set the -nomcp parameter on the Web Client, because otherwise the PrtScr.exe tries to connect itself to the Project Manager of WinCC which is not available on the Web Client.
  • If runtime is started, and this button is re-configured, -hardcopy may not work because PrtScr.exe is already active. In this event, please end runtime and restart it. Or end PrtScr.exe with -end and then use -nomcp.

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