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How do you get around the problems which arise when importing a second language in WinCC flexible?

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A project has been configured in German using WinCC flexible.
English has then been added as a second language. The languages have been exported, adapted and reimported.

Following import, the English texts are only visible on the engineering station, but not on the operating station.

Compile the project with "Rebuilt All" and load this new compile project afterwards onto the operation station (panel) again.

No. Procedure

Start the compile process via "Project > Compiler > Rebuild All":

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Fig. 01

A confirmation query then appears. Click "YES" to confirm.
The project is built.


In preparation for the transfer, start "Project > Transfer > Transfer settings".

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Fig. 02

The "Select devices for transfer" dialog is opened.


Check the transfer settings and ensure that they match the device settings.

Click "Transfer" to perform the transfer.

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Fig. 03

The newly created project is transferred to the operating station.

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