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Operating System Updates for ET200S 1PosU

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When updating the operating system, always update to the latest version available for the product and its respective order number. The previous versions of the operating system are only intended as backup to allow a downgrade to the original version - there are however no known cases where this has been necessary.


- Firmware 
V2.0.0 (delivery state with product release version 8) and higher can only be
   loaded onto modules with a product release version of 8 or higher
- Firmware V1.x.x can only be loaded onto modules with product release versions from     1 up to and including 7
- Product release versions 5, 6 and 7 were skipped for internal reasons

Online Firmware Update by means of STEP 7 HW-Config:

  1. Download the desired firmware file
  2. Unpack the file by double-clicking on the file name
  3. In HW-Config, select the module from the ET200S station 
  4. Program the firmware by selecting "Target System/Update Firmware" in the program menu
  5. In the dialog box, select the folder with the firmware file and start the firmware download

After completion of the download, the new firmware can be started automatically or via a power OFF/ON.

The firmware update can be performed with the following interface modules:

  • IM151-1/Standard from 6ES7151-1AA04-0AB0
  • IM151-1/High Feature from 6ES7151-1BA01-0AB0

Overview of order numbers and latest versions of the 1PosU:

Order Number






Recommended as Update:

Update V1.0.1 Description

  1384DL00_V101.EXE ( 91 KB )



Backup only:

  1384DL00_V100.EXE ( 91 KB )



Update V1.0.1 (6ES7 138-4DL00-0AB0)

Correction of the startup behavior:
When powering on the module while a load voltage is present, the error
ERR_2L+ (Load Voltage 2L+) is now no longer reported for up to 8 seconds.

Security information
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