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STARTER: Generating application macros

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The application has been drawn-up in order to provide users with an overview about application macros.

This application shows how application macros are generated in the STARTER and Drive Monitor commissioning tools – and how they are handled.



For series commissioning as well as parameterizing functions which are repeatedly required, it is advantageous to be able to use pre-configured configurations. Both the commissioning tool STARTER as well as the commissioning tool Drive Monitor allows application macros to be used. These macros can be generated new but they can also be obtained by comparing two parameter sets.

In the STARTER commissioning tool, user-defined parameter and value lists as well as scripts are called application macros. In STARTER, the expert list is used to handle these.

In the Drive Monitor commissioning tool, parameter sets are known as application macros.

In this application, you will obtain an overview of how to handle these using the expert lists from STARTER. An explanation is provided as to how you create and open user-defined parameter value lists and scripts in STARTER. It will also be shown, how a number of drives can be commissioned in series quickly using STARTER scripts.

A description is also provided as to how you create parameter sets in Drive Monitor, and then how you compare them and print them out –e e e e or read them from a frequency inverter or write them into another frequency inverter.

It is easy to compare parameter sets between several drives, one drive and a saved file, as well as between several files using the STARTER and Drive Monitor start-up programs. Not only this, the differences can be documented.




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Documentation (English)
Generating application macros
PDF_Application_macros_en_V2.pdf ( 6069 KB )



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V2.0 13/06/2008 Revised, expanded and merged with the application "Comparing parameter sets".


Key words: STARTER; Drive Monitor; Expert list; Application macros; user-defined list; Parameter list; list of values; Comparison


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