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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 22099241, Entry date: 09/23/2005

MICROMASTER 4: 1PH7 induction servomotors in conjunction with MICROMASTER MM440

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This application only applies to MICROMASTER 4 with Firmware < V4.0



The compact 1PH7 induction motors are so-called frameless motors. These were originally developed and adapted for use with the SIMODRIVE and MASTERDRIVES drive inverter systems. 1PH7 motors are exclusively four-pole motors. The rated speed is changed via the winding. When certain prerequisites are fulfilled, 1PH7 motors can also be fed from MICROMASTER MM440 drive inverters. Engineering information/instructions, selection criteria and parameterization of the drive inverter for this mode are provided in this description.


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Documentation (German) MM4App_010_Asynchrone_Servomotoren_1PH7_de.pdf ( 443 KB )
Documentation (English) MM4App_010_Asynchronous_Servomotors_1PH7_en.pdf ( 448 KB )





03/2004 first edition


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