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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 22126782, Entry date: 09/28/2005

QuickPatch CTRL-19 (ACMx V4.50) P/N 16445-19

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APACS ACMx V4.50 Function Block Library and Operating System Software

The purpose of this quick patch release is to provide the user with the required software for the new ACMx controller.

Required User Action:

Download and install the attached zip file to a folder.  Run the setup.exe file.  Please read the acmx_rel.txt file (located in the 4-mation directory), after installation is complete.

To correctly migrate your current ACM configurations to this new ACMx, you must export/import the configuration that you want to transfer to your ACMx controller.  Please refer to 4-Mation help for more details on export/import.  Be sure that the module keying is adjusted when replacing older ACM controllers; ACM+ and ACMx controllers use the same keying.

If you were successful in migrating your configuration to ACMx V4.50, you should see this new version reported in the version window.  With the configuration open you can choose from the 4-Mation menu Help -> About and observe the Config version.

NOTE:  This does not upgrade the Operating System version.  The new ACMx must be initialized for version 4.50.

P/N 16445-19

 QuickPatch_CTRL-19.zip ( 1214 KB )

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