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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 22132850, Entry date: 10/24/2005

Which settings are required for server-client communication?

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Configuration Notes:
In order to facilitate server-client communication, all the computers have to be found in the network on the basis on the computer names, NOT only via the IP address. You can check this by opening the DOS prompt and contacting the other computers with the command "ping" - input: ping <computer_name>. It is important that the client locates the server, and vice versa, in the network.

It is advisable to use an integrated name service, either via the lmhost file, a DNS server or WINS server in order to communicate with the computers in the network using the computer name.

All the Windows users who are using WinCC also have to be set up with the same rights / passwords and added to the "SIMATIC HMI" group.

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