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How do you load a firmware update with the serial interface module ET 200S 1SI?

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How to load a firmware update into the serial interface module ET 200S 1SI is described in detail in section 2.9.2 "Loading firmware updates" in the manual of the module concerned (Entry ID: 9260793). How to update the firmware of modules in general is described in detail in the STEP 7 Online Help under the topic of "Firmware Update".

The following requirements must be met:

No. Requirements
1 The ET 200S 1SI must be reachable online from the PG/PC.
2 The SI module must be slotted in a station with a header module IM151-1 standard (6ES7 151-1AA04-0AB0) or IM151-1 HF (6ES7 151-1BA01-0AB0).
  • You must operate the PROFIBUS either in DP V1 mode or
  • if you operate the PROFIBUS in DP V0 mode, the PG must be connected directly to it.
3 The files with the new vision of the firmware must be available in the file system of your PG/PC.
4 STEP 7 V5.1 SP3 or new

If when using the menu command "PLC > Update Firmware", the current firmware version of the module is not recognized or displayed, then the requirements for an update are not fulfilled.

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