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SIMOTION P350: Compatibility of Microsoft security updates

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The compatibility of Microsoft security updates when using SIMOTION P350 control systems is being continually investigated and is shown in the form of a compatibility list.

General information

The availability of Microsoft security updates is published through the Microsoft Security Bulletins. The operator/operating company is solely responsible in deciding whether to use the security update. Whether to use it or not can be realized based on the "Evaluation of the maximum severity" specified in the particular Microsoft Security Bulletin. Microsoft publishes information on security updates and download links in the Internet under the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/current.aspx.

Evaluation methods

Microsoft security updates, that were evaluated according to the following description, are listed in the following compatibility list:

  1. Siemens checks every Microsoft security update as to whether it is relevant for the Siemens SIMOTION P350 software. If Siemens considers a security update to be relevant, then initially, a "Minimal Acceptance Test" is carried out. With this brief/short test, a check is made as to whether basic functions are influenced when installing the security update.
  2. After a Minimal Acceptance Test has been successfully completed, a test is made with a real SIMOTION P350 project. If, during the test, an impact on the functionality is identified, then this is noted in a footnote in the following compatibility list.
    The version of the PCU base software being used is shown in the list can be determined in the service menu when the system boots.

The compatibility list shown below is regularly updated and communicated.

Update dd. 05/13/2014: The compatibility list has been updated to version 04/11/2014.

/cs/pool/xls.gif MS-Sec-Updates140411_d_e_simotion.xlsx ( 91 KB )

MS-Sec-Updates140411_d_e_simotion.pdf ( 79 KB )

Procedure when using

It is recommended the following measures are taken when installing Microsoft security updates:

  1. Before installing one or several security updates, the system should be backed up (archived) using the Ghost data archiving software. If problems then occur, then the archived data can be reloaded.
  2. The correct functioning of the security update must be checked out by carrying out the appropriate tests on the plant/system-specific configurations. The tests that Siemens carries out do not precisely emulate the software environment on the plant/system.

For more detailed information, please contact your local Siemens office.

As already described in the ProdIS Info 88631021, the extended support for Microsoft Windows XP was discontinued on April 8, 2014. The monthly compatibility check of the security patches will be continued with Windows 7, on the basis of  the Windows Server Update Service (WSUS).

In the future, information about the compatibility of the Windows 7 security patches with our software will be issued if any peculiarities are shown on this website.

Security information
In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit