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Determining the transmission time for typical configurations on Industrial Ethernet

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Automation projects often require intensive data exchange between SIMATIC S7 controllers. The possible communication paths vary considerably. Numerous S7 controllers and S7 communication modules are available.
To be able to make the right selection in the concept phase of an automation project, it is important to know the communication performance of the planned configuration.

Important questions in this context are listed below:

  • Which S7 components are best suited for the planned automation project?
  • Which data transfer times are expected for typical configurations?
  • How does the data communication affect the cycle (OB1) of an S7 controller?
  • Which communications services can be used for specific S7 components?
  • Which communication service should be used considering performance aspects?

The following screen shows the schematic layout on a variant:

Fig. 01

To answer the above questions, Industry Automation and Customer Services carried out extensive measurements on typical configurations with SIMATIC components, which provide planning certainty for your plants:

  • Typical S7 controllers transmit data to up to 30 S7 controllers
  • Security configurations
  • Load programs with practical relevance in the corresponding S7 controllers enable values under real conditions

A simple user interface of a web application provides you with the results of the measurements.

To correctly interpret the measured values, we recommend referring to the boundary conditions of the measurement in the integrated online help.

Overview of the measured variables:

Measured variable


Transmission time Time from send trigger command to reception of the data in the respective data block of the receiver.
Cycle time sender Time between two process image transfers in the S7 controller of the sender.
Cycle time receiver Time between two process image transfers in the S7 controller of the receiver.
CbA transmission interval Time between two CbA transmission intervals for cyclic transmission (set in SIMATIC iMAP)
PNIO update time Time between two IO cycles of the IO controller. (calculated by STEP 7)

Measurement was performed for some typical configurations. This does not mean that every possible configuration has been measured.

Outputs on the user interface
An interactive user interface enables you to quickly and easily enter your desired configuration. The corresponding performance data is immediately available in the output table.

Fig. 02

Access to the performance data
Click the respective version to go to the web interface of the performance data.

Version Measuring time Components used Link
V 5.0  Mai 2014 - Sept. 2014 Measured_Components_of_Komm-IE_ID30.pdf ( 9 KB ) CommIE_V4
V 4.0 Nov 2009 - Feb. 2010 Measured_Components_of_Komm-IE_ID18.pdf ( 41 KB )


V 3.0 July - Nov. 2008 Measured_Components_of_Komm-IE_ID15.pdf ( 42 KB ) CommIE_V3
V 2.0 Aug. 2007 - Jan 2008 Measured_Components_of_Komm-IE_ID9.pdf ( 47 KB ) CommIE_V2
V 1.0 Aug. - Okt. 2005 Measured_Components_of_Komm-IE_ID6.pdf ( 42 KB ) CommIE_V1

Last modification
Release V5 - S7-1200/1500 Controller


Security information
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