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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 22231990, Entry date: 11/14/2005

Release for general availability for SINUMERIK 840Di sl

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Release for general availability

With immediate effect, the SINUMERIK 840Di sl has been released for general availability.

Control concept

With SINUMERIK 840Di sl, we have launched a PC based CNC system combined with SINAMICS S120 drives.
The SINUMERIK 840Di sl combines the well-proven features of our SINUMERIK 840Di system with the advantages of the new SINAMICS S120 drive.
Consistency and innovation are the way to productive machine solutions.

  • CNC part programs can be reused

  • Compatible NCK functions

  • Today's HMI-Advanced operating philosophy will be maintained, available soon: ShopMill and ShopTurn

  • Open Architecture applications will be reused for HMI

  •  Scalable Hardware Performance

  • We will keep well-proven components such as PCU, MCI2 board with PLC, ADI4 board (available soon), operator panel fronts and PROFIBUS I/O devices

  • We will continue to connect the drives via PROFIBUS



  •  Use of SINUMERIK PCU 50.3: Increased processor performance, enhanced communication options: 2 x Ethernet and 4 x USB

  • System software for 6 and 20 axes (at present, no more than 18 axes)

  • Drive control for up to 6 axes with Control Unit CU320, multiple units can be used for more axes

  • Operator components can be arranged much easier in a distributed configuration due to Thin Client technology and Ethernet


The large difference between 840Di sl and 840Di is that the  new PCU 50.3 is used on the 840Di sl together with the SINAMICS S120 drives. The drives are still connected via the  PROFIBUS DP. 
The SINUMERIK 840Di sl comprises the following main components:


840Di sl (PCU 50.3-C 1.5GHz/512Mbyte + MCI2 board, Windows XP ProEmbSys)


840Di sl (PCU 50.3-P 2.0GHz/1024Mbyte + MCI2 board, Windows XP ProEmbSys)

SINUMERIK 840Di sl system software

System software for 6 or 20 axes (at present, no more than 18 axes)

Fast inputs / outputs, handwheel connection

MCI board extension slot version
with cable distributor

Operator panel fronts

OP 010, OP 010S, OP 010C, OP 012, OP 015, OP 015A, TP 015A, optionally TCU and OP 012T (TCU integrated)

Machine control panels

MCP 310, MCP 483


Control Unit CU320, Motor Modules, Line Modules, etc.

Components that have been released for general availability



Order number

840Di sl (PCU 50.3 1.5 GHz/512 Mbyte + MCI2 board,
Windows XP ProEmbSys)


840Di sl (PCU 50.3 2.0 GHz/1024 Mbyte + MCI2 board,
Windows XP ProEmbSys)


MCI2 board as spare part for 840Di sl


840Di sl software 1.00 V01.00.01


Order number

System software, 6 axes


6 axes, license


6 axes, export version, license


System software, 20 axes


20 axes, license


20 axes, export version, license


System software, 6/20 axes


6/20 axes update service, without license


6/20 axes, export version, Software Update Service, without license


6/20 axes on CD-ROM, without license, latest software version


6/20 axes, export version, on CD-ROM, without license, latest software version


6/20 axes on CD-ROM, without license, Software Version 1.00


6/20 axes, export version, on CD-ROM, without license, Software Version 1.00


Designation of the software / software release
Software 1.00 Version 01.00.01: Describes the stage of development; the software outputs the version number in the version screen.
The order number is numbered consecutively; for example: 6FC5820-3XC10-0YA0
Customers ordering the latest software will receive Software Version 1.00, that means
for example, instead of 6FC5820-3XC00-0YA8, they will receive 6FC5820-3XC10-0YA8.

Components that have not yet been released for general availability



System software, 6 axes


6A on 840Di sl hard disk, latest software version with license

L10 Q00 R00

6A, export version on 840DiE sl hard disk, latest software version with license

L11 Q00 R00

6A on 840Di sl hard disk, Software Version 1.00 with license

L10 Q01 R00

6A, export version on 840DiE sl hard disk, Software Version 1.00 with license

L11 Q01 R00

System software, 20 axes


20A on 840Di sl hard disk, latest software version with license

L14 Q00 R00

20A, export version on 840DiE sl hard disk, latest software version with license

L15 Q00 R00

20A on 840Di sl hard disk, Software Version 1.00 with license

L14 Q01 R00

20A, export version on 840DiE sl hard disk, Software Version 1.00 with license

L15 Q01 R00



HMI-Advanced on hard disk, suitable software version


The operator interface software HMI-Advanced on hard disk can only be ordered for 840Di sl by stating the code L00 (see above, has not yet been released). The relevant software version will then be delivered on hard disk.

Use of the 840Di sl components as compared with 840Di


MCI2 board for 840Di sl
(spare part)

SW 1.00
840Di sl

MCI2 board
(spare part)

SW 3.2

840Di sl with PCU 50.3 1.5 GHZ Windows XP





840Di sl with PCU 50.3 2.0 GHz Windows XP





840Di with PCU 50 566 MHz Windows XP





840Di with PCU 50 1.2  GHz Windows XP





License Manager

Use of the SINUMERIK 840Di sl system software and the options enabled requires that the relevant software licenses acquired are assigned to the SINUMERIK hardware. With regard to this assignment, you will receive a License Key for the relevant software which will electronically link the software to the SINUMERIK 840Di sl hardware. The licenses will be assigned either at the factory or via the Internet (depending on the ordering procedure used, see below).

Options can also be enabled without using the License Key for test purposes. In this case, the control system cyclically outputs a note/alarm stating that the license for this option is still missing.

The SINUMERIK 840Di sl manual describes how to access the software license procedure via the Internet for SINUMERIK 840Di sl/840DiE sl by means of the SinuCom NC tool. The sequence of operations (in German or English) for SinuCom NC and the Internet is self-explanatory.

Ordering procedure

There are two ways to order the software for SINUMERIK 840Di sl. The ordering procedure  and all codes are described in Catalog NC 61, 2005 edition, together with some examples illustrating the complete ordering process.

1. Bundle orders (planned for January 2006)
Orders stating the order number with codes, License Key upon delivery
(Example: 6FC5220-0AA31-2AA0-Z

The SINUMERIK 840Di sl system software is supplied with the SINUMERIK 840Di sl hard disk. The License Key and the CoL (Certificate of License) are available upon delivery.
If options are ordered with codes, the License Keys and the relevant CoLs are included in delivery. The License Key for the system software and options is supplied with the SINUMERIK 840Di sl.

2. Individual orders
Orders stating the complete order number, License Key available on the Internet
(Example: 6FC5220-0AA31-2AA0, 6FC5820-3YC10-0YA8, 6FC5820-1YP00-0YB0, 6FC5800-0AA00-0YB0, 6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0)

The SINUMERIK 840Di sl system software is supplied on CD-ROM, the relevant license is to be ordered separately, a CoL is also supplied. When ordering options, the corresponding CoLs will be supplied. The License Key for the system software and options is to be determined via the Internet.

Note: When ordering individual hardware and system software components as described above, the system software will not be installed on the 840Di sl hard disk and no License Key generated. Such orders can only be placed for SINUMERIK 840Di.

Operation with SINAMICS

For operation with SINUMERIK 840Di sl, SINAMICS Firmware Version 2.3 is required (see compatibility list).

Operation with SIMODRIVE 611 universal and POSMO SI/CD/CA

Commissioning and operation exclusively with SIMODRIVE 611 universal and POSMO SI/CD/CA is analog to SINUMERIK 840Di.
Mixed operation with SINAMICS/SIMODRIVE has not been enabled.

Functions restricted as compared to Catalog NC 61, 2005 edition

Software/options which are not yet available
840Di sl:
L00        HMI-Advanced on hard disk, relevant software version
L10        System software 6A on 840Di sl hard disk, latest software version with license
L11        System software 6A on 840DiE sl hard disk, latest software version with license
L14        System software 20A on 840Di sl hard disk, latest software version with license
L15        System software 20A on 840DiE sl hard disk, latest software version with license
NCK functions:
6FC5800-0AM07-0YB0 Position switching signals / cam controller
6FC5800-0AM24-0YB0 Continue machining at the contour (Retrace Support)
6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 Measuring stage 2
6FC5800-0AM35-0YB0 Electronic transfer
6FC5800-0AM37-0YB0 Path velocity-dependent analog output
6FC5800-0AM38-0YB0 Laser switching signal, fast
6FC5800-0AM40-0YB0 1D/3D clearance control in the position control cycle
6FC5800-0AM41-0YB0 Evaluation of internal drive variables
6FC5800-0AM42-0YB0 Fast retraction from the contour
6FC5800-0AM44-0YB0 'PARACOP' transformation, 3 axes
6FC5800-0AM46-0YB0 'TRICEPT' transformation, 5 axes, basis
6FC5800-0AM47-0YB0 'TRICEPT' transformation, 5 axes, DMS
6FC5800-0AM51-0YB0 Shear kinematics transformation, 2 axes
6FC5800-0AM57-0YB0 Space Error Comp. (SEC) for kin. transformations
6FC5800-0AM58-0YB0 Feedforward control, acceleration-dependent
6FC5800-0AM65-0YB0 1D/3D clearance control in the position control cycle, free direction
6FC5800-0AM66-0YB0 'TRICEPT' transformation, 5 axes, 6th axis
6FC5800-0AM68-0YB0 'SCARA' transformation, 2/3 axes
6FC5800-0AM71-0YB0 'HEXAPOD' transformation, 6 axes
6FC5800-0AP05-0YB0 Multi-channel step sequence programming
6FC5800-0AP04-0YB0 Work step programming
6FC5800-0AP11-0YB0 Manual machine
6FC5800-0AP13-0YB0 Identification of residual material
6FC5800-0AP14-0YB0 Multiple clamping of different workpieces
6FC5800-0AP20-0YB0 3D simulation of the finished part
6FC5800-0AP23-0YB0 Simultaneous recording for ShopMill
6FC5800-0AP24-0YB0 Simultaneous recording for ShopTurn

The release for general availability for MC Information System software options will be announced in a separate Prodis Update.

Machine control panel

The machine control panel with MCP483C IE Ethernet interface cannot yet be connected.

ShopTurn and ShopMill

This operator and programming software will not be available at the first step. It will be included later in the CD-ROM for the 840Di sl system software  6/20 axes (see also Catalog NC 61).

Operation with ADI4

At present, operation from a ADI4 board is not yet supported.

Maximum number of axes, channels/mode groups
At present, the "System software, 20 axes" allows to control a maximum of 18 axes, the maximum number of channels / mode groups is 6.


With HMI-Advanced, you cannot use the screens for drive optimization. This should be optimized via STARTER / SimoCom U.

The following restrictions apply when using HMI-Advanced 7.1:
All drive-related screens can be used only to a limited extent in the Startup and Diagnosis area. The drive machine data can be used via STARTER / SimuoCom U.
Under Services, no drive data can be saved or loaded. Data should be stored via STARTER / SimoCom U or HMI-Advanced 7.2.

If existing R parameters are deleted via the 'Delete all'  softkey and a Power On reset performed then, the values of the R parameters will be displayed as before the deletion.

Operator components
In a distributed configuration with Thin Client, PCU 50.3 and HMI-Advanced 7.1, the resolutions (e.g. OP 012/010) may vary which will slightly affect the image definition on the small OP. On small OPs, however, this may impair the legibility of pictographic Asian languages.

A USB stick on the USB plug of the panel front will no longer be detected after being removed and reinserted again.

Spindle without encoder

You can use a simulated encoder as alternative solution. In the axis MDs, the encoder has to be simulated by setting "No. of encoders"=1 and "Encoder type"=0.

Part program

In a part program with EXTCALL calls, there must be a minimum time interval of 2 s between 2 subsequent EXTCALL calls.

DRAM file system

The DRAM file system is no longer supported, cycles have to be stored in the SRAM.


The following SINAMICS components are not supported by SINUMERIK 840Di sl:


The STARTER drive / commissioning software Version 3.2 (also see compatibility list) is required to perform the startup. Information on the STARTER is provided in ProdIS Update ID: 21914503.


A new manual is available in German for SINUMERIK 840Di sl. The English version will be issued in November 2005. Order numbers: 6FC5397-4CP10-0AA0 (German) and 6FC5397-4CP10-0BA0 (English).

Installation Guide

Compatibility list

Compatibility_840Di_sl.pdf ( 15 KB ) ( 15 KB )

For further information please contact your local siemens office.

Security information
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