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SIMATIC ET 200S FC: Configuring the frequency converter in Step7 and STARTER

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applies to SIMATIC ET 200S FC

What needs to be considered when configuring the SIMATIC ET 200S FC frequency converter in Step7 and in the STARTER?

The frequency converter is initially configured in the Step7 HW configuration as a module in its ET 200S station. The converter should then be inserted in the STARTER as a “single drive” object.

The USS interface on the converter is designed as a point-to-point connection with the fixed address 0. It is recommended that you do not change this address in the converter and that you assign the USS address 0 to all drives in the STARTER.

If all drives have the USS address 0, it is no longer possible to assign the drive object in the STARTER uniquely to the frequency converter via the USS address. Therefore when establishing the connection you must take care to ensure that the correct target device is selected in the STARTER.


An ET 200S station with 3 frequency converters is to be configured:

1st step: 

The ET 200S station with the three frequency converter modules must first be configured in the Step7 HW configuration. The procedure is described in detail in the operating manual and will not be further explained here.

In this example, a CPU 315-2 DP functions as a Profibus master:

2nd step:

Open this project in the STARTER:

3rd step: 

In this project, add a new drive with the USS bus address 0 and assign a name to this drive object:


If STARTER and STEP7 are being used in the same project, drives can also be added to the SIMATIC manager with “AddàProgramàSimotion-Drive. This method is equivalent and has the same result.

4th step:

Add the next drive to the project. The STARTER no longer suggests previously assigned

USS addresses, but the address 0 can be entered manually.


5th step: 

Proceed in exactly the same way with the third drive. Result:

In SIMATIC manager, these newly assigned drives appear automatically as single drives:

6th step: 

Since all drives have the same USS address (0), you must ensure that the STARTER is communicating with the correct converter before establishing a connection. This is done under “Target system” à “Choose target device” by selecting only the converter to be configured:


If you do not make this selection, the STARTER always goes on line with the drive that was configured first. This could lead to incorrect parameterisation of the drive.

Connection overview:

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