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How can you configure user-defined message classes?

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Preliminary remarks:
The WinCC message system is configured with the OS Project Editor. Information on the OS Project Editor is available in the WinCC Online Help under "WinCC Information System > Options > Options for Process Control > OS Project Editor".

STEP 7  blocks that support messages provide only the PCS 7 standard message classes. Message classes already configured are overwritten with the settings of the project editor. The PCS 7 standard is the template for the message system. Only the the message classes "11" to "15" that you might have projected remain unchanged, but they are not available in STEP 7.
If on the other hand the option "Configurations that support online DeltaLoading only" (default) is set in the "General" tab when the OS Project Editor is run, then the message configuration is not changed.

Fig. 01


If you wish to create user-specific message classes, you can adapt unneeded Standard PCS 7 message classes to suit your requirements. If you change the name of this message class, you still continue to see the Standard PCS 7 name in STEP 7. Your changes might be lost when the OS Project Editor.

It is possible also to use industry-specific message configurations other than the PCS 7 Standard message configuration.

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