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MICROMASTER 4 (AOP): Message "No Drive Responding"

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This FAQ applies only to the MICROMASTER 4 Advanced Operator Panel (AOP).

What is the cause of the AOP message "No Drive Responding"?

This means the AOP is attempting to connect to the drive, but it is not responding to the USS commands.
Pressing P twice will quit the error. The user should confirm that the communication baud rate set on the inverter is the same as that which is set on the AOP. Inverter parameter P2010 index 1 should be set to 6 which is 9600 baud.
To access the AOP's internal parameter set, the following procedure must be performed:

  1. Set mode to "Internal"
  2. Select "Parameters"
  3. Select the AOP Parameter Set
  4. View "All" parameters
  5. parameterization as follows:
    P0003 = 3
    P8552 = 0    Base Slave Address
    P8553 = 6    Default Baudrate
    P8554 = 0    Autobaud


  • Description and further information you find in the AOP Operating Instructions; Entry-ID: 24532563
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