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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 22329624, Entry date: 01/30/2006

SIMATIC PC/PG Image (& Partition) Creator V1.2 Released for Delivery

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The improved software products for preventive data backup and easy hard disk management for SIMATIC PCs/PGs, the
  • SIMATIC PC/PG Image Creator V1.2 and 
  • SIMATIC PC/PG Image & Partition Creator V1.2

are herewith released for delivery.

When PCs or PGs are used in industry, high system availability and data integrity are indispensable.

In order to obtain maximum protection against loss of data, it is extremely important to provide preventive backup of the contents of hard disks. Regular backup of systems and data with the SIMATIC PC/PG Image Creator allows quick restoration of a secure state in the case of data loss. The new version 1.2 provieds the proven functionality of version 1.1 plus an integrated driver support for the new units

·         SIMATIC Rack PC IL 43 

·         SIMATIC Field PG M 

The SIMATIC PC/PG Partition Creator (included in the SIMATIC PC/PG Image & Partition Creator V1.2) remains unchanged at version 1.1!

Functional highlights and salient technical features

The Image Creator V1.2 has all the functionality of version 1.1 and is fully compatible with it. The following functions can be executed directly from the booted CD ROM: 

·         Fast saving and restoration of the contents of hard disks

·         Uniform operator menus provide easy handling without the need for specialist knowledge by the user

·         Fast and accurate restoration of the last software version saved

·         Much less time required compared to a new installation

·         Significantly reduced downtime

·         Easy duplication of the existing pre-loaded software to other units with the same configuration and the same purpose of use. This enables a quick replacement of the complete unit in the case of a failure.

·         The hard disk image can be integrated in data saving with ADDM A&D DataManagement.

The following functions are specially supported:

·         CD Autostart menu under Windows enables:

o        Menu prompted installation of Ghost 2003

o        Creation of an Image Creator boot diskette, or a USB FlashDrive for booting with Image Creator

o        Callup of a 'virtual manual' representing the most important operator input actions in multimedia fashion (i.e. picture and sound).

o        Direct opening of the "Getting Started" guide.

·         Saving of the hard disk image on an additional memory medium (2nd hard disk, on-board burner drive, external hard disk drive connected via USB), or load the image from this drive back to the hard disk.

·         Use of USB memory media for image backup is now possible directly from the boot menu of the CD ROM (it is no longer necessary to create a boot diskette first)

·         Menu-guided creation of a LAN connection to a server drive, or to a PC connected directly via a crosslink cable.

·         Creation of an Image Creator boot USB FlashDrive. The precondition here is that the BIOS of the units provides the necessary Legacy Support (this applies to the unit that creates the USB FlashDrive as well as the one for the backup).

The Partition Creator V1.1 provides the following proven functions for manipulation of the hard disk partitioning, which can be performed directly from the booted CD ROM:

  • Enlargement or reduction of existing system and data partitions
  • Creation of new partitions
  • Support of the currently used partition types with Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Deletion of existing partitions
  • Optional installation of a boot manager
  • Creation of a Partition Creator boot USB FlashDrive, or a Partition Creator boot diskette
  • CD Autostart menu under Windows with the following functions:
    • Menu prompted installation of the Symantec Partition Magic V8.0 program included with the Partition Creator
    • Creation of a boot USB FlashDrive, or a Partition Creator boot diskette
    • Callup of a multimedia "Virtual User Manual"  
    • Direct opening of the "Getting Started" guide.

The existing installation is normally not impaired when you use the Partition Creator. The system remains operable. For safety reasons we nevertheless recommend to perform a data backup with the SIMATIC PC/PG Image Creator before you change the partitions.

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