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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 22354065, Entry date: 09/11/2008

Micro Automation: Quality assurance through weighing, controlling and recording (MAS 6)

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Note The SIMATIC S7-200 components used in this application example are currently phased out. ...

The SIMATIC S7-200 components used in this application example are currently phased out.
This application can be realized even more effective and easier with the new SIMATIC S7-1200.
The respective application example with SIMATIC S7-1200 is available under entry-ID: 82454336 
Furthermore, many useful applications with SIMATIC S7-1200 are available under entry-ID: 35923253

Automation task
To provide good comprehensibility, the features of the Set are explained using the example of an automation task.

In a packaging system, a check for completeness of the packaged goods is required before delivery. In the course of this quality assurance measure the goods are to be uniquely identified and all relevant data including time stamp are to be logged.

It is to be possible to import the log data to Office Excel. The automation of the logging process and the integration of the required components into the existing infrastructure of the packaging system are to be possible.

It must be possible to apply the check for completeness of the packaged goods also to other products with different content without extra work. The packaging system is to be operated and maintained exclusively via an HMI device. Operation is to be possible in German and in English.

Automation solution
The automation solution uses an S7-200 controller and the SIWAREX MS weighing module with single point load cell. The weight value of the packaged goods is captured and compared to a reference value. This enables to check whether all components are complete. The packages of goods can be uniquely identified via a batch number.

The integrated time of day function and the memory module of the S7-200 controller enable a logging of the currently measured weight values with time stamp. Interfacing the S7-200 controller to a Windows PC using the PPI cable enables an automatic readout of the log data. Alternatively to the PPI connection data can be transferred via Ethernet, PROFIBUS or the telephone network.

The recipe function of the S7-200 controller is used to manage the reference weight of different product series. Using a TP 177micro the currently running packaging process can be monitored by screens providing German-English change language.

Startup Code
For the startup we offer you software examples with test code and test parameters as download. The software examples support you during the first steps and tests with your Sets. They enable quick testing of the hardware and software interfaces between the products described in the Sets.

The startup code for Set 6 consists of the STEP 7-Micro/WIN user program for the S7-200 controller and the WinCC flexible configuration for TP 177micro.


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Micro Application Example Set6_DocTech_v2d0_en.pdf ( 2010 KB )
Startup Code (STEP 7-Micro/WIN V4.0 SP6 Project) Set06_S7-200_v2d0_en.zip ( 48 KB )
Startup Code (WinCC flexible 2007 Project) Set06_WinCC_flex_V2d0_en.zip ( 2639 KB )

Further Information
The startup software for Set 6 shows features and possible applications ensuing from the combination of all components listed in Set 6. For the mere function test of the S7-200 expansion module SIWAREX MS the Getting Started Software on this module  can be used.

More detailed information on SIWAREX MS you can find in the device manual.


Link contents


S7-200 system manual System manual
WinCC flexible manual Manual
FAQ with more detailed information about configuring  SIWAREX MS by S7-200 30347016

Adjusted Step7 Micro/WIN program and WinCC flexible 2007 project which allows to handle the new SIWAREX MS module E0.3

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