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How can you update the hardware catalog without direct internet access?

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As from STEP 7 version V5.2 you have the option of updating your hardware catalog via the Internet.

If the PC on which STEP 7 is installed does not have direct Internet access, the download "STEP 7_HSPs.zip" is available in Entry ID 23183356 for updating the hardware catalog of your STEP 7 installation. The download contains the packaged software components (Hardware Support Packages) needed for the modules and can be transferred to the PC with the STEP 7 installation, for example with a memory stick.

Please go to Entry ID for downloading the Hardware Support Packages.

The following table shows you how you can use the download of the Hardware Support Packages (HSPs) to update your STEP 7 hardware catalog.

No. Procedure

In the entry mentioned above you right-click the link "STEP7_HSP" and in the pop-up menu that opens you open the "Save target as..." dialog. Save the "STEP7_HSPs.zip" file in a separate directory on your hard disk.

Then transfer the "STEP7_HSPs.zip" file (using a memory stick for example) into a separate directory on the PC on which STEP 7 is installed and open the zip file. Extract the software components from the archive via "Actions > Extract". The Hardware Support Packages are then unpacked in the directory selected.

2 In the SIMATIC Manager you open the hardware configuration and then open the dialog "Install hardware updates" via "Options > Install hardware updates...".

Before installing the software components we recommend closing all STEP 7 applications (LAD/STL/FBD editor, symbol table, ...). Also close the station in your hardware configuration via "Station > Close".

3 In the "Install Hardware Updates" dialog you select the "Copy from disk" option and then click on the "Execute..." button.

Fig. 01

4 In the "Copy hardware updates" dialog that opens (Fig. 02), in "Search in:" you enter the path in which you unpacked the "STEP7_HSPs.zip" file. When unpacking the "STEP7_HSPs.zip" file the "hspcontents.xml" file was stored on the drive of your choice. Open the "hspcontents.xml" file.

Fig. 02

When extracting (as described under No. 1), the "HWUpdates" directory with the software components is inserted in the path you selected. You can choose the directory from the drop-down list.


In the "Copy hardware updates" dialog that opens you see the updates that are available. You can deselect updates which you do not require in this window. Only those updates with a check mark are downloaded. Via this dialog you copy the hardware updates into the storage folder. After copying there is still no new module in your hardware catalog. For this you must first install the updates concerned. As from STEP 7 version V5.3 you can also select or deselect all the updates offered using the "Select All" or "Deselect All" buttons respectively. The "yes" and "no" designations in the "Copies" column indicate the following:

  • Yes: the hardware update is already in the storage folder for hardware updates.
  • No: the hardware update is not yet in the storage folder for hardware updates.

Click on the "Copy" button and close the "Copy hardware updates" dialog.

Fig. 03

6 After "Copy hardware updates" you must select the hardware updates required in the storage folder and then click on the "Install" button. Now the hardware updates are installed.

Fig. 04

During installation you receive the message that you must close all STEP 7 applications, here you click on the "Yes" button. The hardware configuration and the SIMATIC Manager are then closed automatically.

It might happen that a copied HSP (Hardware Support Package) is not displayed in the "Install hardware updates" list although the HSP is in the previous "Copy hardware updates" list. In this case you should check which version of STEP 7 is required for this HSP and if necessary, upgrade your version of STEP 7 so that this hardware function can be used.

7 After successful installation you receive the message "The selected hardware updates were installed successfully". Confirm with OK. You can then close the "Install Hardware Updates" dialog.

Fig. 05

Now when you reopen the hardware configuration you will find an updated hardware catalog.

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