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How can you use Bürkert pneumatic modules in the ET 200S remote I/O system?

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You are using the Bürkert pneumatic modules described at the link
and would like to operate these after an ET 200S IM 151. There are various configuration methods for this depending on the header module.

IM 151-1
For configuring the IM 151-1 as DP slave you use the GSD file that you can download in Entry ID 652154. This contains the Bürkert pneumatic modules that can be operated in the ET 200S.
In STEP 7 you configure the ET 200S from the hardware catalog folder PROFIBUS DP > Other Field Devices > I/O > ET 200S > ET 200S (IM 151) as in Fig. 1:

Fig. 01

IM 151-3 PN
You can configure the Bürkert pneumatic modules in the IM 151-3 PN using the PROFINET GSD file.
In STEP 7 HW Config take the ET 200S from the hardware catalog folder PROFINET IO > I/O > ET 200S > IM 151-3 PN
and configure the Bürkert modules from the Pneumatic folder as in Fig. 2:

Fig. 02

At the moment the Bürkert pneumatic modules can only be used in the interface modules (IM 151) of the ET 200S distributed I/O system mentioned above.

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