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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 22407394, Entry date: 12/20/2005

Service Pack1 for D7-SYS V6.2

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The attached correction release can only be used in conjunction with D7-SYS V6.2.

The following products are affected:

  • D7-SYS V6.2 
  • D7-ES V6.2
  • D7-SYS V6.2 Upg.
  • D7-SYS-SFC V6.2
  • D7-ES-SFC V6.2

(6ES7 852-0CC00-0YA5)
(6ES7 852-2CC00-0YA5)
(6ES7 852-0CC00-0YE5)
(6ES7 852-1CC00-0YA5)
(6ES7 852-3CC00-0YA5)

The prerequisite for the use of Service Pack1 for D7-SYS V6.2 is CFC V6.1 SP1.

Corrections and additions of Service Pack1

  • New function block FB S7DB_P
    The function block enables the creation of S7 compliant data blocks (DB) for
    SIMATIC FM 458 and SIMATIC TDC systems.
  • Support of Win2003 Server SP1 and WinXP2 SP2.
  • Support of simultaneous online operation of CFC and SFC.

Service Pack1 for D7-SYS V6.2
 download_sp1_for_v62.zip ( 10223 KB )

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