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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 22533468, Entry date: 04/26/2006

MICROMASTER: PROFIBUS monitoring and “LOCAL / REMOTE” changeover

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Due to differences in the parameter structure:

  • this application only applies to MICROMASTER 4 and SINAMICS CU240x with Firmware < V4.0
  • this application cannot be used for SINAMICS CU230.



If there is a Profibus communications error (failure) or if the system is specifically powered-down (SIMATIC S7 and Profibus communications), then the drive inverter should be changed over to other command and setpoint sources.

This then guarantees uninterrupted operation (e.g. for emergency operation).

Using a MICROMASTER 440 or a SINAMICS G120 drive equipped with CU24S DP and a PLC - in this case an S7 300 – this applications shows how a Profibus communications error (failure) can be identified.



In order to solve this task, the possibilities of the 3 command data sets (CDS) of MICROMASTER 4 (430 & 440) / SINAMICS G120 will be used.

3 different drive control types can be implemented with these command data sets (CDS).



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Documentation (English)

DP_Lokal_REMOTE_76_V21.pdf ( 255 KB )


Profibus_Neu.zip ( 420 KB )





07/2006 enlarged to SINAMICS G120


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