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STEP 7 InfoBrowser V1.0 - Exporting STEP 7 project data to MS-Excel and accessing information in Online Support

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STEP 7 supports you across the entire value-added chain of a machine or plant. From configuring the hardware and networks, programming, testing the controller program, commissioning to operation and maintenance of the machine or plant.

During these activities a lot of data is input or generated which is stored in the STEP 7 project memory.
For example, stored in a STEP 7 project is data about the modules used, the nodes on the bus, the address configured and the input and outputs with icon ID.

On the other hand, there is also data outside the STEP 7 project and STEP 7 development environment. For example, in the Internet at the "Automation and Drives Service & Support" Online Support site you will find more information in the form of manuals, application descriptions and FAQs. Furthermore, the latest product information such as updates and discontinuations important for the life-cycle management of a machine or plant is published here.

The "STEP 7 InfoBrowser" tool available here supports you

  • When using the information stored in the STEP 7 project (export to MS-Excel).
  • When accessing the information in Online Support (Product Information, Manuals, Downloads and FAQs).

With the STEP 7 InfoBrowser you can read out the information from the STEP 7 project and export it to MS-Excel.

  • Nodes on the bus with addresses and MLFB no.
  • Modules used with addresses and MLFB no.
  • Firmware version of the modules used.
  • Icon IDs of signals used in the entire project.
  • System function blocks used, system functions, data blocks, inputs, timers and counters.

In addition to exporting data to Excel, the STEP 7 InfoBrowser also allows direct access to the information available in Online Support. In this way, with the exact designation of the module (MLFB no.) you can access the entries in Online Support to download the associated manuals or firmware updates, for example.

Access to information in the Internet is also possible from PCs that do not have STEP 7 installed.
The information on the project found using the STEP 7 InfoBrowser can be stored in a transfer file and then transferred to a PC with Internet connection. All you need is to have the STEP 7 InfoBrowser installed on the PC in order to be able to conveniently access the information in the Service and Support Portal.

Figure 1: Function of the STEP 7 InfoBrowser


Information for downloading
The attached download contains the STEP 7 InfoBrowser. The user interface and the integrated help is in two languages (German and English).

After downloading, please unpack the archive and run the "Setup.exe" program.
After installation you can start the STEP 7 InfoBrowser in MS Windows as follows:

  • Via "Start > All Programs > SIMATIC > STEP 7 InfoBrowser >  STEP 7 InfoBrowser"
    (in the Start menu for easy access to the Internet in Windows XP) or
  • Via "Start > SIMATIC > STEP 7 InfoBrowser > STEP 7 InfoBrowser"
    (in the classic Start menu as in earlier versions of Windows and also in Windows XP).

Runnability and test environment:

Component Version
PG/PC operating system Microsoft Windows 2000 + SP4 or higher,
Windows XP Professional + SP2 or higher
Microsoft .NET Framework V1.1 or higher
Download via http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=9832
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office 2000 or higher
SIMATIC STEP 7  STEP 7 V5.3 SP3 or higher


Content of the downloads


STEP 7 InfoBrowser V1.0

STEP7_InfoBrowser_V10.zip ( 1422 KB )





04/2006 First edition



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