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How do you configure field devices with SIMATIC PDM via Industrial Ethernet?

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You can configure field devices with SIMATIC PDM across network boundaries.
SIMATIC PDM uses the data record routing function for this. Data record routing is an extension of routing. More information about this topic is available in Entry ID: 7000978
The following is required for data record routing:

  • Your version of STEP 7 must support routing.
    Routing is supported by STEP 7 V 5.0 + SP1 and higher. Here, however, it is recommended to have at least STEP 7 V5.0 + SP3.
  • The hardware involved in data record routing must support data record routing.
    An overview of the necessary components is given in Entry ID 7808062.
  • All the components involved in routing have to be configured in a project.

Please proceed as follows to configure.

  • Open the HW Config and configure a SIMATIC 400 station with the hardware you are using.
  • Also configure all other stations involved in communications in the same project.
  • Activate the data record gateway (HW Configuration > CP443-5 Ext > Properties > Options) for each CP 443-5 Extended involved in data record routing.

        Fig. 1: Setting the Properties of the CP443-5 Ext

  • In the Control Panel select via "Set PG/PC interface" how you have connected your system with your PC.
  • Insert a PG/PC next to your S7-400 stations in the SIMATIC Manager.
  • Open the Object Properties of the PG/PC and in the "Interfaces" tab create the interfaces in your PC. Here you must set the addresses that you have selected in "Set PG/PC interface".
  • In the "Assignment" tab you set the interface with which you are connected to your system. Set S7ONLINE Access to "Active".

        Fig. 2: Settings in the PG/PC properties

  • Open NETPRO or the HW configuration and compile the configuration.
  • Download the HW configuration for all CPUs involved in data record routing.
  • Set the PROFIBUS address on the field device according to the setting in the HW configuration.
  • Now you can access your field devices with SIMATIC PDM.

General information about routing is available in Entry ID 2383206.

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