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Which cable can you use for data transfer between a Micro Panel and a configuration PC?

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Configuration Notes:
Data transfer (Image Update, Project Download and Backup/Restore) between a configuration PC and a Micro Panel is only possible via a PC/PPI cable.

The following PC/PPI cables are available:

  • USB/PPI multimaster cable
  • RS232/PPI multimaster cable

USB/PPI multimaster cable
The USB/PPI multimaster cable is released as from "E-Stand" 05 and WinCC flexible 2005 SP1. Please note that not all Micro Panels support data transfer via the USB/PPI multimaster cable. Information on cables that can be used with each of the panels is available in the relevant manual or in Entry ID 19109408.

RS232/PPI multimaster cable
You can use all RS232/PPI multimaster cables (the old ones too) which support a conversion from RS232 to RS485.

The figure shows the connection from the operator panel to the configuration computer.

Fig. 01


When using the RS232/PPI multimaster cable (order number: 6ES7901-3CB30-0XA0), you must make sure that DIP switch 5 is set to 0. All other DIP switches are not relevant for transferring projects to a panel.

The figure shows the DIP switches of the RS232/PPI multimaster cable.

Fig. 02

The RS232/PPI multimaster cable with order numbers 6ES7901-3BF21-0XA0 and 6ES7901-3BF20-0XA0 can still be used.

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