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How can you clear the error message "Download (310:88)"?

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If you load the OS server (target station) from the ES station and at the end of the loading procedure, you get the error message "Download (310:88)", this is often due to the missing Windows user rights on the ES and/or OS station.

1. Check the connection between ES and target station

  • "ping" command
    Check whether there is a functioning network connection between the ES station and the OS server. Use the "ping" command to check the network connection with the input "ping <computer name>" or "ping<TCP/IP address>" in the Command Prompt.

  • If the "ping" command with specification of the direct TCP/IP address is not executed successfully, then check the complete network configuration of all the stations involved. Enter the "ipconfig" command in the command prompt to display the current network settings.
  • Furthermore, the "ping" command with specification of the computer name should be executed successfully. There are notes available on this in Entry ID 22132850 .
  • Refer to the note in the WinCC 7.4 Release Notes about leading zeros in IP addresses. This information is available in the WinCC Information System under "Release Notes > Notes on Operation > Network Technology and USP > Leading zeros in IP addresses".

  • SIMATIC Shell
    Check on the ES and target station in the SIMATIC Shell that the other computer is displayed in each case in the SIMATIC Shell together with the associated settings. There are detailed notes available on this in Entry ID 25437381 .
    Disable any unneeded network cards.
2. Check user ID
Make sure that you have configured the same users with the same "Logon" in the local "SIMATIC HMI" user group on both stations (ES and OS). The logon must match in domain, user name and ID of both stations. Do not use any "empty" passwords, because this might cause access to the network to be rejected with an error. Also refer to the information in the WinCC 7.5 Information System under "Installation Notes > Installation Requirements > Define Access Rights in Operating System".  

3. Network releases and NTFS drive authorizations
Check that the currently logged on Windows user of the ES station has sufficient rights for write access to the target station. For this you check the network releases and NTFS drive authorizations on the target station.


  • The drive on which the project data is stored must always be formatted with the NTFS file system. Formatting with the FAT or FAT32 file system is not permissible.
  • The write access right must be set "explicitly" for the network drive release.
  • In order to check the access permissions, you can use the Windows Explorer of the ES station to create a new text file and save it in the target directory of the OS station (target station).  

4. DCOM / firewall settings

PCS 7 V7.0 and higher
In PCS 7 V7.0 and higher, operation with active Windows firewall is enabled. If you have activated the Windows firewall, check whether this prevents downloading (access to target path). For this purpose you can temporarily disable the firewall and execute the OS download.

Never use the Default User "Administrator" without password.

Security information
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