Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 22634774, Entry date: 07/17/2007

What alternatives are there to connecting to the multimaster network on the PC side?

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Configuration Notes:
To incorporate the PC station in the multimaster network communication can be made via

  • RS-232/PPI multimaster cable (6ES7901-3CB30-0XA0)

  • USB/PPI multimaster cable (6ES7901-3DB30-0XA0)

  • PC Adapter USB (6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0)

and also via the MPI/PROFIBUS cards

  • CP 5511 (6GK1551-1AA00)
  • CP 5512 (6GK1551-2AA00)
  • CP 5611 (6GK1561-1AA00; 6GK1561-1AM00)
  • CP 5611 A2 (6GK1561-1AA01; 6GK1561-1AM01)

These cards also provide multimaster mode.