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Why does a message appear indicating that a foreign language has to be installed in the operating system when a project is opened from STEP 7 version V5.3 SP2?

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From STEP 7 version V5.3 SP2, the system outputs a message indicating that the project can only be opened in the Windows language specified;

  • in projects which have been newly created from STEP 7 V5.3 SP2 and
  • which have been created in an operating system language which does not correspond to one of the STEP 7 languages or
  • the current Windows language, and
  • if the project has not been set to be language-neutral.

Please follow the instructions in the Readme file (section 2.26 Information about using foreign-language character sets). From STEP 7 V5.3 SP2 you can use foreign language character sets other than the STEP 7 language set. However, the setting for this requested character set must be defined in the operating system.

If you wish to open your STEP 7 project or your library under any language setting, you have to activate the option

  • "Can be opened in any language in the Windows Regional and Language Option (l. neutral)"

in the project's object properties. Follow the procedure described in the table below.  

No. Procedure
1 Set the operating system to the language which has been used to create the project. To switch the operating system to another language, you must change the settings for the menus and dialogs in the Control Panel. You can find information about this setting procedure in our FAQ
  • "How to switch the operating system to English"
    , which you can find on the Internet in Entry ID 22309945 .
2 Then, in order to back up your STEP 7 project, make a copy of your project via "File > Save as...".
3 Highlight the name of the project in the SIMATIC Manager and right-click it. Then select "Object properties" in the pop-up menu that opens.

Fig. 01
4 Go to the "General" tab in the "Properties - Project" dialog and enable the following option:
  • "Can be opened in any language in the Windows Regional and Language Option (l. neutral)"

and click OK to confirm the message which appears then.

Fig. 02

After saving with OK, you can use the project or library in different language-speaking areas with different character sets. Multiple projects are always created on a language-neutral basis.

A project should only be set to be language-neutral if the programmer is sure that no language-specific characters have been used in this project (which would lead to nonsensical characters in another operating system language).

These instructions have been verified with STEP 7 V5.3.

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