Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 22642255, Entry date: 03/07/2006

How do you block a user account after a user-definable number of failed attempts to login?

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Since SIMATIC Logon operates with Microsoft Windows users, this operating system's security guidelines are used. If a user logs on locally, these settings have to be configured on each computer. If SIMATIC Logon is used to logon on a central logon computer, the settings only have to be defined there.

In order to set up an account blocking threshold, define the following setting under "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local security guideline".

SIMATIC Logon also works after this with these settings.

Besides activating an account block, the settings for the "Account block duration" and "Reset duration for the account-block counter" may also be useful. This way, the administrator doesn't have to unblock the account each time there are x failed attempts. However, given the set delays, the system is still secure.