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How can you open a WinCC project integrated in STEP 7 faster?

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From version WinCC flexible 2005 you can open the project faster with the "WinCC flexible Start Center".
Upon installation an icon is created in the taskbar for operating the "WinCC flexible Start Center".

Fig. 01

No. Procedure
1 You can open the WinCC flexible Start Center by double-clicking on the icon, or you open the operating pop-up menu by right-clicking on the same icon.

The "WinCC flexible Project Wizard" opens.

2 WinCC flexible Project Wizard:
  • Click on the "Open an existing project" dialog.
  • In the left window of the dialog you click on the "STEP 7" icon (Point 1).
    (Existing STEP 7 projects are displaced for selection).
  • If the project you require is not displayed, select the project path (Point 2) where your project is located.
  • Open the relevant STEP 7 project with a double-click (Point 3). 

Fig. 02
3 Select the required WinCC flexible project and click on the "Open" button.
The WinCC flexible project opens.

Fig. 03