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What should you watch out for when operating multiple TD100/200(C) text displays on a SIMATIC S7-200 CPU?

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Configuration Notes:
You can operate multiple TD100/200(C) text displays on a SIMATIC S7-200 CPU. Here you must make the following parameter settings in the TD Setup and in the Micro/WIN Text Display Wizard. Operating instructions and more information is available in the manual "Text Display (TD)" (Entry ID 1087140) and

  • Addresses of the configuration data records
    Make sure that the configuration data of the separate text displays does not overlap in the CPU's tag memory. By default the Micro/WIN Text Display Wizard enters VB0 as the start address for the configuration data. You can change the address in the configuration step "Assign Memory". Here the wizard also shows the memory requirement for your configuration. You can also have the wizard propose an address and then you can accept this if you want to. The addresses assigned in Micro/WIN must be identical to the "Parameter Block Address" that you entered on the text display in the menu for the TD Setup. Permissible address range: 0...32000.
  • Baud rate
    Select the same baud rate (9.6 kbit/s (default), 19.2 kbit/s or 187.5 kbit/s) for all network nodes. You make the setting for the text display in its menus for the TD Setup. You make the setting for the CPU in Micro/WIN in the system block under "Communication Ports".
  • Network addresses
    You assign the address parameters for the text displays in its menus for the TD Setup. Make sure that each text display is given a unique "TD Address". The default setting is "1". Note that the addresses 0 (PC/PG) and 2 (CPU) are already assigned by default. Please also check the "CPU Address" in the TD Setup of each display. The default setting is "2".
  • Protocol
    The text displays first attempt to set up an MPI connection. With how many nodes this is possible depends on the CPU used (see Entry ID: 14188898). If communication via MPI is not possible for a text display, a PPI connection is set up automatically. Now, in PPI mode, if several displays (PPI masters) access the CPU (PPI slave), it might happen that a display constantly arrives at the CPU that is occupied by another display (or by another PPI master) and is no longer updated. In this case you should reduce the update rate of the text display. You do this in the "Standard Menus and Update Rate" configuration step of the Micro/WIN Text Display Wizard. In PPI mode you can communicate with up to 31 PPI masters if you select the appropriate update rate.
  • Networking
    You network the text displays with the CPU via PROFIBUS components (cables, connectors). The table in Entry ID: 1070096 lists the most common cables and connectors with order numbers. The power supply of the text displays must come from an external source, because a TD/CPU cable is not used.

This entry refers to the text displays TD 100C version V1.0, TD 200 version V3.0 and TD 200C version V1.0 and the programming software STEP 7 Micro/WIN version V4.0 SP2. For other versions of the products there might be differences to the product-specific values and designations mentioned above. But this does not affect the core statements of this entry.

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